Some of the quilts I made this past year........
This is the quilt I made in
1999-2000 with my daughter's
class for their principal.

The kids all designed their
block and then I tried to
translate it into a quilt block. I
embroidered each child's name
on their block.

(Their school's emblem is the
dolphin, that's why you see a
couple of them.)
Showing the kids the finished
quilt... they were so excited!
One of the pictures drawn by a
This quilt I made for a friend I
met at work. She is the school
district's nurse and we became
friends while I worked at the
Center/Columbia Middle

She is in process of adopting
an infant boy that has some
health problems. I made this
as a baby quilt for little Ryan.
This quilt I made for a friend
from the Puerto Rico when she
got her new home...

The block is the half-log
cabine (aka lover's knot) and
the background is blacks and
purples. It looked almost
velvety. One of my favorite
quilts (but I say that about all
of them).
Magaly Joann
While I was working at an elementary
school this year I heard about a little
second grade girl that was diagnosed
with leukemia. Working with the kids
in her class I came up with this quilt
for the little girl, Jazmine.

Each kid designed their own Tortilla
Quilt block based on the block
described in the children's book "The
Tortilla Quilt" and then I "set" it into
the quilt.

While I was making this quilt I
attended the Pacific International
Quilt Festival in Santa Clara. I was
looking at all the vendor's booths
when I ran across a Pinata Quilt
described in another book by the
same author. When I commented,
"Ooh, the Pinata Quilt!" A voice
behind me said, "I'm the author."

She and I struck up a conversation
and I got several of her books which
she autographed. She even wrote and
autographed a muslin square for the
back of Jazmine's quilt.
One of the little boys holding
the quilt block he designed.
Delivering the quilt to the class. I made a tote
for the quilt with the left over blocks and fabric
and gave Jazmine and the teacher each a copy of
The Tortilla Quilt book with a personal note and
autograph by the author. This was one fun
Right now I'm trying to make myself a quilt using the bright colors with the black/purple